Monday, November 3, 2008


I won't talk
I won't breathe
I won't move till you finally see
that you belong with me

you might think
I don't look
but deep inside in the corner of my mind
I'm attached to you

I'm weak
it's true
cause I'm afraid to know the answer
do you want me too?
cause my heart keeps falling faster

I've waited all my life to cross this line
to the only thing thats true
so I will not hide
i'ts time to try anything to be with you
all my life I've waited
this is true

you don't know
what you do
everytime you walk into the room
I'm afraid to move

I'm weak
it's true
I'm just scared to know the ending
do you see me too?
do you even know you met me

I know when I go
I'll be on my way to you
the way that's true

1 comment:

Lelly Dwi Ambarini said...

wah,,liriknya dalem pisan euy..
Spesial buat gw ya ma?
Hahaha,,GR gini gw..