Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rest In Peace, D...

Last  night was the third dream when he came to see me. Tonight was his worst look ever, though :)

He came in a motorcycle with a girl in the same messy look at him. I was surprised, can't believe i can ever see his face again.

I ask him, almost hysterically, "D, is it really you?". He answered, "Of course, who do you think this is" still with his charming smile even in his messiest look.

I hug him, spontaneously, and he hold me back, touch my hair, calming me. I asked him how could all of this happened. He say I would never imagine how mess he is now, and he broke. I asked him to tell me, but all he said just the story was too long.

And at that time, my husband, in reality, came and wake me up from this super weird dream.

It realizes me..that I maybe haven't really letting him go yet. And now I have a husband, whom I really love, and didn't want his wife to still remembering her dead-ex-someoneyoudontknowhowtomention.

I have to let you go now, so you can rest in more peace. I know u're okay there, D.. It's enough to came see me cause I'm happy with my husband I love and a little hero by my side. Maybe our children can continue our friendship in the future :)

I love you a friend. Now, and forever..

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